Your Company in Italy

In a modern and increasingly competitive global market, to be present and supervise the territory in a pro-active way can provide a prompt and immediate answer to a company’s customers and help to improve their sales performance considerably. We can be “your voice” towards the trade, the final consumer and media in real time and with a real cost optimization.

  • CRM (Customer Relashionship Management)
  • Face-to-face Sales & Sales Calls
  • Meetings arrangement
  • Representation at the travel exhibitions, workshops, road shows and Special Events;
  • Product & Destination Presentation (B2B e B2C)
  • Training programs for travel agents and tour operator booking staff
  • Fam-trips e Press-Trip Organisation & management
  • Planning of communications strategy & P.R.
  • Media Promotion: advertising and press relations
  • Production and distribution newsletters (B2B and B2C)
  • Support in organisation of E-learning program with specialized supplier
  • Digital Marketing
  • Crisis Management


A consultant always at your service

Our extreme specialization on the represented destinations, supported by selected market research and in concert with data and statistics, as well as a long-terms experience in Tourist Product Management allows us to suggest the best marketing mix (product, price, promotion, distribution ) for your business

  • Analysis of product positioning in relation to competitors
  • Benchmarking & product position
  • Analysis and research for the definition of trends and market developments
  • Analysis of the perception of the trade and the consumer
  • Definition of distribution channels (offline and online)
  • Development sites, blogs, social profiles
  • Definition of communication strategies
  • Database management
  • Digital photo archive management;
  • Design, production support and graphic design, printing and storage of advertising materials (brochures and leaflets)


Analyse, define objectives, adopt strategies

We know the expectations of our customers, who we have always had a pro-active approach and synergy with and we know the needs of the tourism industry and its supply chain producer / distributor / consumer. It is for this reason that we are able to provide strategic plans that are “unique and unrepeatable” because we adapt to each individual client for that specific period.

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Preparation of the annual Marketing Plan and Commercial Activities (Action Plan)
  • Feasibility analysis and definitions of target
  • Implement plans for sales and marketing
  • Cost control and performance
  • Marketing Intelligence: analysis of competition
  • Web and social media marketing
  • Direct-mailing & e-mailing
  • Promotions and incentive programs
  • Market research